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Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting of Indiana

Top-of-the-Line Lasers. Precise Cuts. Quick Turnaround.

Rapid Turnaround

Overnight Delivery Available

Unlimited Cutting Paths

Non-Contact Processing

Laser Cut Steel

Why Choose Laser Cutting of Indiana?

Cutting Edge Lasers

Our lasers cut parts up to 60" x 120".

They can handle tolerances to +/- 0.005", up to +/- 0.001" for certain parts and materials

Fast Project Turnaround Time

We offer fast project turnaround times, including overnight delivery.

Precise Cuts on Intricate Designs

We provide custom cuts for complex geometries. 

Decades of Experience

Our skilled team has decades of experience in laser cutting.

Laser Cutting Explaned
Laser Cutting Steel

What Is Laser Cutting?

With fiber laser cutting, the laser light is generated in the resonator and then sent through a fiber optic cable to the cutting head where the light is focused precisely into the surface of the metal to be cut. Under the intense heat, the metal is vaporized and with the assistance of high-pressure gas (often nitrogen) directed at the cut, the molten metal is blown away.

The resulting cut path is called the Kerf and is approximately 0.008”- 0.010” (0.20-0.25mm) wide. Fiber lasers provide marked advantages over the traditional CO2 laser, including reduced maintenance, lower operating costs, increased reliability, and faster cutting speeds.

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